There are a lot of steps required to go from sample to species identification. Below you can find a 'checklist' to highlight all the steps I need to take to go from sample collection to species identification of parasitic nematodes. The steps will differ depending on your interests and focus, but seeing all the steps written out in this checklist can give you a starting point for your own experiments.

  1. Collect faecal samples

  2. Baermann technique

  3. Microscopy

  4. DNA extraction

    • Optional: DNA quality check

    • Optional: Gel electrophoresis

  5. Nematode primers PCR

  6. Gel electrophoresis

  7. PCR cleanup

  8. Computer and software check for sequencing

  9. Flow cell check

  10. MinION barcoding PCR

  11. PCR cleanup

    • Optional: gel electrophoresis

  12. DNA quality check

  13. MinION library preparation

  14. MinION run

  15. Wash flow cell

  16. Bioinformatics