About portablegenomics.org

In the last ~5 years, a miniaturisation of genomics equipment has taken place, which means we can now perform genomics research on remote field sites and for lower costs. Not only can this aid eg. wildlife conservation, but this can also help to decentralise scientific research.

This website aims to help people new to sequencing (or maybe even new to molecular biology) overcome some of the hurdles they might encounter. The website is run and hosted by Ineke Knot, whose PhD research focused on the use of portable genomics for wildlife conservation. The knowledge she gained during her PhD is shared here.

In her PhD, Ineke focused on the potential of portable genomics tools for molecular epidemiology, using nematodes as a model organism. Most of the information shared will be based on this research. The hope is, however, that partly thanks to your input the website will gain a broader focus over time.

As the tools she used are transferable to any type of genomics research, she believe these tools should become a part of every biological research station. Hopefully this website will help people who are interested in doing genomics on remote or non-traditional locations.